Service Details & Packages

Competitor’s charge of the below services (INR per annum)
  • Daily Ports with Producer Price Report-Rs 9000
  • Daily International Price Report-Rs 10000
  • Indian Booking Price Report- Rs 8000/-
  • Daily Mumbai Drum Price Report- Rs 7000/-
  • China Market Price Report- Rs 11500/-
  • Plant Updates Report- Rs 7500/-
  • Plant News Report- Rs 7500/-
  • Weekly Aromatics News Report-Rs 12000/-
  • Weekly Intermediates News Report- Rs 12000/-
  • Directories Of Buyers and Suppliers- Rs 5000/-
  • Historical Price Trend- Rs 10000/-
  • Advertisement- Rs 6000/-
  • Website Login For 02 Users
  • *Market price of the services range between Rs 45000- Rs 80000 per year after discounts.
    **Our subscription charge for all the mentioned services is just Rs 21800 per annum.

Frequently Questions

How chemicals prices collected and what is its authenticity?

Methodology: A full time team of analysts, scouts and industry experts collect and revise daily market prices. We assure that the data and updates we provide are 100% authentic and accurate which we collect from our expertise and experienced outsources of the industry.

How your services will help my business and sales?
Services How it can help
29 PAN India monthly report This service helps to get buyers details of India who buys or imported the material from which supplier at what rate. It will be very useful in competitive analysis, lots of other valuable information available in it. Send between10th-15th of Every month.
Daily ports price report This service helps to understand the daily changes in prices of chemicals, it will lower the trading risk, increase negotiating power, and give better understanding of the market. Send Every Monday to Saturday by 11 am and 3pm.
Daily International price report This service gives the idea of International market, offer prices and other related information which help the clients to negotiate their booking slots. Send Every Monday to Saturday by 11 am.
Mumbai drum price report This service helps to get idea of the change market and make more profit. Send Every Monday to Friday by 2pm.
Weekly China market price report This service helps you to understand traded chemicals prices in China which will be helpful in many ways such as booking the material etc. Send Every Monday to Friday by 3pm or depends on change
Weekly Booking price report This service helps to understand the booking level at which material have been booked for Indian market, these updates let you know the direction of chemicals prices in coming days.
Producer’s price report This service helps to understand the prices of Indian manufacturers which is exclusively provided by us. Send Every Monday to Saturday by 11 am.
Sell & Procure This service helps to explore market through us, we attach buyers and suppliers through our platform and let them introduce to each other for more business. Send Depends on situation.
Chemicals market trend This service helps to understand the market through our commentary where we show the reason of increase or decrease of market prices. This service also helps to understand upcoming trend in Indian market.
Weekly aromatics news reports This service helps to understand the International market and their demand supply gap.
Weekly Intermediates news reports This service helps to understand the analysis of intermediates chemicals of International and Indian market which very few company can provide.
Historical price trend This service helps to understand past 3-4 years prices of chemicals through graphical and tabular presentation. Exclusively available with us. Send Every Monday to Saturday or depends on situation.
Directories of buyers and suppliers This services helps to get more leads for sales.
Whats-app services- 24X7 This service helps to get all market updates in your hand through whatsapp. It is very convenient way to understand the market whether you are on holiday or travelling.
Plants Updates This service helps to get the understanding of plants shuts, resume or Force Majeure of major chemicals and petrochemicals. Send twice in a week.
Advertisement- Once This service helps to promote your company through our website.
Weekly Ex-tank price This service helps to understand the tanker prices of chemicals at Kandla and Mumbai ports after levied of taxes and ADD. Every Monday or depends on market
Can you provide suppliers and buyers name?

Yes, we can provide suppliers and buyers directories to our subscribed clients.

What are the charges of chemical reports or import/export data?

Charges depend on selection of services or orders, kindly contact us for more details.

What is refund policy??

In any case if there is any service deficiency from our side we take the responsibility and refund the remaining amount of subscription.

How we check accuracy of the information?

It’s very simple; you can call randomly 2-3 suppliers in the market and ask the prices of your traded products than match those prices with our latest updates.

Terms and Condition

Our terms and conditions are simple, we activate the services after getting the payment and once the time interval completes we ask for the renewal.

Privacy Policy

In our privacy policy we avoid giving and sharing our services to the consultant and research based companies.

Refund Policy

We have a refund policy under which if any client is not satisfied with our services then we refund their payment but it happens very rarely because we provide more value than price we take.

Pricing Policy

We do not have any pricing policy, we provide full access to our website by giving user id and password at Rs 20,000/year.