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Chemicals Updates is India’s leading research hub where we help our clients in making trading decisions by lowering their risk, improving their productivity, and saving their time and money. We supported lots of companies in India and overseas with our market insights, exclusive and affordable data services which really helped them to grow more and led them ahead from their competitors.

Our online platform is the most simple and user-friendly site which provides the best coverage of price movements of solvents and chemicals products across the country. We are having most experienced scouts, reporters and informers attach with us who spend their life in this industry.

We have dedicated backend team of analysts and operators who are committed to bring the readers real-time updates, information and reports on a daily basis. We provide our updates fastest than any of our competitors with 100% accuracy. Our subscribers include some of the biggest Indian and global companies.

Methodology: A full time team of analysts, scouts and industry experts collect and revise daily market prices. We assure that the data and updates we provide are 100% authentic and accurate which we collect from our expertise and experienced outsources of the industry.

How to check accuracy of our information: It’s very simple; you can call randomly to 2-3 suppliers in the market and ask the prices of your traded products than match those prices with our latest updates.

Reasons of price variations:

Chemicals trade in advance and credit terms hence their prices will differ accordingly.

Chemicals import from different countries which can cause the difference in prices.

At the time of shortage, some suppliers quote their prices at higher level.

Prices also differ on ADD and non-ADD.

There can be some more reasons of price variations as per market condition, but we track all relevant parameters that go into the determination of prices. We guaranty the most accurate and authentic updates.

The website is a one-stop solution for the chemical industry where you can buy market updates, monthly reports and directories of suppliers and buyers which no one can provide in India.

How we are different from our competitors?

Provide information faster than others.

Some updates such as booking prices, China market prices, Landing prices etc are exclusively provide by us.

Best information with authenticity available at affordable price.

We provide refund policy to our clients in case of any issue.

We exclusively provide directories of buyers and suppliers with our membership.

Best customer support and solution

More coverage and better analysis.

Fastest query-resolve services for our clients.

Clients can contact us at anytime through any mode.

We value your money.